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College of Business Faculty Directory

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Allocca, Carl HH 305A
Amin, Keval HH 339
Barragato, Charles HH 303
Comunale, Christie HH 254
Feng, Qian (Cecilia) HH 337
Kim, Chansog (Francis) HH 311
Yang, Zhifeng HH 345A


Brusco, Sandro SBS N-617; HH 354
Holod, Dmytro HH 321
Jiang, Danling HH 345
Kim, Young Shin (Aaron) HH 314D
Nugent, Michael HH 331
Tauman, Yair SBS N-635
Torna, Gokhan HH 314E
Wynter, Matthew HH 341
Xiao, Keli (Andrew) HH 346


Management (Organizational Behavior, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, and Operations & Decision Analytics)

Bai, Jiaru HH 344
Bear, Julia HH 252
Blocker, Lily HH 256
Chan, Chien-Sheng (Richard) HH 258
Delasay, Mohammad HH 348
Delton, Andrew SBS S-701
Ettl, Robert HH 314B
Kim, Young Shin (Aaron) HH 314D
Laskowski, Richard HH 314C
Lewis, Herbert HH 307
London, Manuel HH 306B
Palermo, Margot HH 335
Pitocco, Christine HH 315
Robertson, Theresa HH 250
Sexton, Thomas HH 317
Sherman, Gary HH 204
Skorin-Kapov, Jadranka HH 323
Xiao, Keli (Andrew) HH 346



Abbruscato, Camille HH 101
Buhrau, Denise HH 309
Connell, Paul HH 305B
Eschelbarger, Margaret HH 342
Ettl, Robert HH 314B
Finkelstein, Stacey HH 347
Huang, Julie HH 319