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Petitioning for Academic Exceptions 

  • In fulfilling its responsibility to maintain the academic standards of the College, the Committee on Academic Standing and Appeals (CASA) considers petitions requesting exceptions to academic regulations. Petitions must be in writing. Petitioners never make personal appearances before the CASA.  In compliance with federal and state confidentiality requirements, the CASA’s decisions are not communicated by telephone to petitioners or any other party.  
  • Petitions are exceptions to academic rules, regulations and policies and students should not assume that their petition will be approved by the CASA. Students who are considering submitting a petition for an academic exception are strongly encouraged to discuss their request with a COB Advisor before submission.

  • Students are expected to be familiar with all academic policies and regulations contained in the current Undergraduate Bulletin and Undergraduate Bulletin Supplement as well as meet all deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar. Ignorance of a policy or deadline is not considered as a reason for an academic exception.

  • Petitions for exceptions should include supporting documentation.

  • Exceptions to academic policies and regulations may also result in processing fees; approval of petitions does not waive these fees.

  • If approved, the student must take the prescribed steps to process his/her petition with the Registrar’s Office. Approval of a petition only grants permission to take an action; it does not automatically result in the action requested.  

  • Not all University policies and regulations are petitionable. Students may only petition for exceptions that are detailed in the COB Guidelines .


Instructions for Filing a Petition 

  • To request a petition form, please email  The body of the email request must include the student's name, Stony Brook ID Number and the reason for requesting the petition.  
  • Students must complete all student sections of the petition and attach appropriate documentation.

  • Decisions will be communicated in writing.

  • If a student's petition has been approved, the student is responsible for picking up his/her petition and processing it with the Registrar’s Office, as well as paying any fees . 

  • If a student’s petition is denied, they are entitled to one written appeal to the Dean of the College of Business, by providing additional documentation or support for his/her appeal. Appeals must contain new information to be considered by the Dean.

  Guidelines for Specific Categories of Petitions

**Please note that all petitions require that the student meet with an academic advisor prior to submission**

  1. Late Addition of Course(s) or Late Registration

    Students must complete a petition form stating the reason(s) they were unable to register for the course/semester on time. Students must also attach a letter from each professor on his/her department stationery offering to admit the student to his/her course if the student’s petition is approved and indicating either that the student has been attending the course or will be able to make up the work required.
  2. Petitioning to add a Research Class, TA or Internship (487, 475/476,488)

    Student must complete a petition form and attach written permission from the instructor on departmental letterhead along with instructor’s section number and number of credits.
  3. Late Withdrawal from Course(s) or Semester

    Student must complete a petition form stating his/her inability to withdraw by the proper deadline specified in the academic calendar and provide appropriate supporting documentation.
  4. Overload (20-23 credits in Fall, Spring and 10-12 credits in Summer)
    • Students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better and are not missing grades can overload automatically on SOLAR on the third day of classes. Note that a fee will be automatically assessed for overloading.

    • Students who have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 - 2.99 must complete a petition form stating the courses they are currently registered for, and the courses they are seeking permission to add to their schedule. Students must have completed at least one semester at Stony Brook University; have no outstanding incomplete grades; and be in good academic standing (i.e. not on academic notice).

    • Students who have a cumulative GPA below 2.5 are not permitted to overload under any circumstances.

  5. Underload (less than 12 credits)
    • Students must complete a petition form stating why they are unable to maintain a full time (12 credits or more) course load and provide appropriate supporting documentation. Course difficulty is not a sufficient reason to request an underload.

    • A student may not underload in two consecutive semesters.

    • Underloads may also result in a loss of campus housing, financial aid and health benefits. Students should consult Campus Residences, the Office of Financial Aid as well as their health insurance provider before petitioning for an underload. In addition, students on F-1 or J-1 visas must obtain approval from the   VIS Office prior to submitting an underload petition request.
  6. Repeat a Course for the 3rd Time

    Students must submit a petition form and letter of support from the Office of Student Services. Note that approved requests such as these are typically held until a specified date before they may be processed.
  7. Reinstatement after Academic Suspension
    • Students must complete a petition form giving convincing evidence that it is appropriate for the student to continue his/her studies at Stony Brook and that he/she will be able to graduate in a reasonable period of time. Petitions for reinstatement must be submitted by the date stated in their academic standing notification.

    • All approved petitions will place a student on conditional reinstatement, permitting registration in the semester immediately following the suspension. The conditions of each student’s reinstatement are unique. Failure to abide by these conditions will subject the student to dismissal without appeal. The suspension and conditional reinstatement are noted on the student’s academic record.

    • For students who have been away from Stony Brook University for one or more semester following a suspension, they must complete a petition form giving convincing evidence that the conditions leading to suspension have changed, provide supporting documentation as well as any evidence that indicates he/she will be able to graduate in a reasonable period of time. Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Services at the start of the semester prior to that in which they hope to be reinstated to discuss petition submission deadlines.

    • Students are required to meet with a COB advisor prior to submitting a reinstatement petition.

  8. Waiver of Waiting Period After Withdrawal from all Classes
    • Students withdrawing from all their courses (withdrawing from the University) may do so in writing or in person at the Registrar’s Office. Students who withdraw from the University and whose cumulative GPA is less than 2.00 and/or have withdrawn in a previous semester are required to wait for at least one semester before they are permitted to re-enroll.

    • Students who have a cumulative GPA of less than 2.00 and wish to enroll in courses in the semester immediately after the one in which they withdrew must complete a petition form documenting the reasons why they should be permitted to register in that semester.