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Business Research Program (BRP)

This program is for high achieving business majors who have an interest in conducting original research on a business topic. Conducting research is helpful for those considering a career in business research and who want to make novel theoretical and applied contributions to the area of business at a graduate (MBA) or doctoral level.

Academic research in business can take many forms. For example, some academic research in business stems from a review of the literature that results in a need to address open critical questions, followed by the statement of hypotheses, collection of data (field or lab data in a controlled study) to test the hypotheses, and conclusions that build or extend the theory. Other research in business may involve the development of new methods or the modification of existing methods to solve important business problems, or perhaps the application of existing methods to novel applications in business. Still other research may rely on analyses from several existing sources, such as financial and accounting data bases.

Students who engage in research and write a thesis will graduate with honors, will attend the university honors baccalaureate, and will be designated as such at our graduation and on their diplomas.

Students in the BRP program work with a PhD faculty member. The business faculty member will serve as an advisor to assist with research design and implementation that is showcased at the Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (URECA) Campus wide poster symposium.

Eligible Students

This program requires an overall GPA of 3.3 or higher and students must have successfully completed BUS 115: Introduction to Business and WRT 102: Intermediate Writing Workshop (each with a grade of B or higher). To graduate with honors, students must complete requirements of the BRP program and have an accumulated GPA of 3.3 or better. Students’ progress and performance will be monitored throughout the program. Students who perform poorly (below a cumulative 3.3 GPA) in their academic studies will be counseled and warned that they are in jeopardy of being dropped from the program. Following at least one warning, such students will not be permitted to continue in the program. Students entering as a business major, either as an existing Stony Brook student or transfer student, will be evaluated under the same criteria for curriculum and admittance to the program.

Required Courses (each 3 credits):

  • BUS 380
  • BUS 495 
  • BUS 496 


Students must be recommended by a faculty member.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Services at


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