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MS in Technology Management - Korea

Degree: Graduate
Time to Complete: 1.5 years (approximate)
Total Credits: 36

mstm students 

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Technology Management (MS-TM) is a joint program of the State University of New York at Stony Brook (Stony Brook University) and the Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies (aSSIST).  Students complete 36 credits of required courses and are then granted aSSIST's MBA and Stony Brook University's MS in Technology Management degree simultaneously.  Students must meet the degree requirements of both schools.)  
The program combines core MBA for business practice and competency development with technology management for technology specialists.  The program aims to provide practical as well as intellectual tools for engineers and technical specialists who are moving into managerial positions, and who need to complement their technical expertise with general business, organizational and strategic management capabilities.

The program has two components - one includes students taking 20 courses on a part-time basis in Korea. In the second component, students travel to the United States to attend a three-week summer study program at Stony Brook University, where they complete 4 additional courses.

MS in Technology Management Learning Goals and Objectives

Program Features: Combining Business Practice and Technological Knowledge

  • Build specialized knowledge through practical business affairs and management theory
  • Efficient study hours (Friday/Saturday) to work while studying: Friday 19:00 – 22:35 / Saturday 9:00 – 17:15
  • High social reputation and powerful alumni network
  • Stony Brook University faculty and other highly qualified faculty members
  • The language of instruction for all courses is English


Program Curriculum

Total Period: 1.5 years









Core Module
Technology &
Industry Module

New York
Residence Program
at Stony Brook

Core Module
& Industry Module

Business Project

4 Period






*New York Residence Program is required to get Stony Brook University MS degree.


General Management

Technology Management


Core Module

Technology & Industry Module

Business Project


 General Management               

Managerial Economics

International Business, Technology and the Economy

Leadership, Teamwork and Communication

Organizational Behavior

Basic Financial Accounting

Corporate Governance and Ethics

Data Analysis for Technology Managers(A): Introduction

Basic Marketing Principles and the Information Economy

Introduction to Management Information Systems

Operations Management for Technology Organizations

Human Resources Management for High Technology Environments

Financial Management

Technology Management and Strategy

Negotiation Strategy

 Technology Management



Managerial Accounting for High Technology Organizations

Data Analysis for Technology Managers(B): Advance

Marketing of Technology Based Products

Technological Management and Emerging Industries

Role of Technological Standards

Financial Markets and Venture Finance

Technology and Entrepreneurship

Intellectual Property Strategy




Industry Project

Competitiveness Project(A): Models & Concepts

Competitiveness Project(B): Quantitative Methods



About aSSIST

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aSSIST, established in 2003 in Korea, is a graduate school of business administration which is mainly designed for Master’s and Ph.D. programs. aSSIST offers global management education including a formal full-time MBA program and Ph.D. Management programs in partnership several overseas distinguished universities. Moreover, aSSIST has a CEO course which covers up-to-date management issues and practical application skills, and also offers a short-term course.  aSSIST’s educational goal is to develop an ideal person who is ethical, creative, group-oriented, and who is able to relate technology to management as based on the educational idea of 4T: eThics, sTorytelling, Teamwork, Technology. The 4T concept will develop leaders for sustainable management in the future: eThics: cultivating principled men and women through through ethical learning; Technology: cultivating men and women who can integrate cutting-edge technology with management theory; sTorytelling: cultivating creative men and women through developing presentation skills; and Teamwork: cultivating men and women who take the business group and individuals into consideration.  For more than 13 years, aSSIST's programs in management have educated professionals in Korea's foremost leading corporations such as Kookmin Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, Samsung, Hankook Tire, Korea Electric Power Corporation, LG, KT, SK, and more. In addition to the latest theories in management, through case studies, simulations and other activities, aSSIST fosters professionals who are skilled in displaying advantages in relentless competition between businesses.

For more information, please contact: 

Changwoo Lee
Phone: +82-70-7012-2225
Fax: +82-2-360-0797

Yeseul Seo
Phone: +82-2-360-0723
Fax: +82-2-360-0797

Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies (aSSIST)
46, Ewhayeodae 2 Gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-808, Korea
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