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stacey finkelsteinStacey Finkelstein, Associate Professor of Marketing, to receive the American Marketing Association’s MASSIG 2019 Emerging Scholar in Marketing and Society Award

The MASSIG Emerging Scholar in Marketing and Society Award recognizes contributions to research advancing the study of Marketing and Society issues.  The award is given annually to honor the contributions of a researcher in the earlier stages of their academic career who tackles societal issues of significance that substantially advance our understanding of these issues. 

Stacey received her PhD and MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business She conducts research on consumer welfare. In one line of work, she focuses on processes related to self-regulation – how individuals prioritize short-term and long-term goals. She has also explored how risk attitudes impact medical appointment scheduling behavior, how changes to vaccination policy impacts parent's vaccination behaviors for their children, and the impact of choice architecture on consumer’s savings, organ donation, eating, and shopping decisions. Stacey is currently on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, the Journal of Consumer Affairs, and Appetite.