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College of Business Statement Against Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

In light of recent acts of violence once again aimed at the Asian community in the U.S., we would like to reaffirm President McInnis’s earlier message against anti-Asian violence.  It is important to remember that such acts of racism and violence against people of Asian descent are a troubling part of our nation’s history, and we join President McInnis in calling for awareness of the past, as well as solidarity with these communities in the present, in the face of rising hate crimes. 

At the College of Business, we find these recent acts of discrimination and violence abhorrent and do not tolerate such actions in our classrooms, at our events, and in our interactions with one another.  We recognize the contributions of Asian immigrants and Asian American communities, and are doing everything in our power to ensure a climate that welcomes diversity and values inclusiveness at the COB. 

For more about our campus commitment to diversity, civility, and our expectations for all members of the campus community, please see Diversity at Stony Brook.   If you have suggestions for ways that we can continue to promote a diverse, inclusive climate across our classes and events, you can provide your input anonymously here.

If you identify as Asian or Asian American and you have experienced a hate crime, you may report a hate crime here, in addition to reporting it to the police. If you have been targeted and/or a witness to a hate crime, you can find tips on managing the situation here.

And as always, in these unprecedented times, please be certain to try and take care of yourselves, and each other, the best that you can. To all affected by the recent acts of violence, we stand with you. 


In solidarity,

Stacey Finkelstein
Ilana Shanks
Zhifeng Yang
Denise Buhrau
Paul M. Connell
Christie Comunale 
Margot Palermo
Keval Amin
Gokhan Torna 
Richard Chan
Joyce Gibson 
Donna McLachlan 
Jadranka Skorin-Kapov 
Peter Caprariello
Manuel London
Lily Blocker
Michael Nugent
Tess Robertson
Keli Xiao
Dick Laskowski
Y.S. Aaron Kim
Gary Sherman|
Julia Bear
Dmytro Holod
Robert Ettl
Danling Jiang
Charles Barragato 
Ting Liu
Ceci Feng
Jiyin Cao
Sandro Brusco
Janie Forrest-Glotzer
Christine Pitocco  
Marie McCallion 
Julie Huang
Rita Barbera
Carl Allocca
Kats Sasanuma
Gerrit Wolf
Thomas Sexton
Faith Matranga
Amy Milligan
Camille Abbruscato
Aristotle Lekacos