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Registration & Scheduling 


To prepare for registration each semester, make sure to: 

  • Meet with your Major Advisor to review major progress 


  • Meet with your General Advisor to review SBC progress 
  • Check SOLAR for your enrollment date & time 

Make sure to register on your enrollment date and time to secure your courses! 

Grading Policy

Effective Fall 2019

Many Business courses must be taken for a letter grade and do not offer students a G/P/NC option. See the courses without G/P/NC option course list for a full list of courses that do not offer a G/P/NC option.

Retake Policy

Effective Fall 2017

First time takers of courses have priority in registration. Students who wish to retake a course (second attempt) may begin retake registration on or about  August 15  for fall classes and on or about  January 15  for spring classes, pending an open seat.  The second attempts for winter and summer classes are permitted during the open enrollment date noted on the Registrar’s Office academic calendar.


Future Course Schedules 

See below for a sneak peek at our future course offerings!

Winter 2023 Course Offerings 

Visiting Student Winter Permission Form

Please Note, these offerings are subject to change.

Scheduling Resources

Business Management Major Checklist 

Business Major Suggested Semester Schedule 

Accounting Minor Checklist


SBC Curriculum within the Business Management Major

The following groups of students will complete the general education requirements as defined by the Stony Brook Curriculum, commonly referred to as SBC.  

  • Freshmen who matriculate in the Fall of 2014 or later
  • Transfer students who matriculate in the Spring of 2015 or later
  • All students matriculating at SUNY Korea
  • Students who re-matriculated in the Fall of 2014 or later

Students who are not in the above groups will complete  the D.E.C.  D.E.C. requirements for each student are published in the bulletin that was current as of matriculation (or rematriculation).

Some SBC requirements will be fulfilled by Business major core courses.  Below is a list of courses that may overlap between Business major courses and the SBC curriculum. Please note, courses in bold are required for all declared business management majors.

  • BUS 220 (STEM+)
  • BUS 301 (SPK, WRTD)
    • BUS 340 (TECH)
    • BUS 358 (ESI)
    • BUS 365 (ESI)
  • BUS 446 or BUS 447 (CER)
  • ECO 108 (SBS)
  • BUS 475, 476, 487, 488 (EXP+) Students within the Business management major have a few options to fulfill the EXP+ requirement. Learn more about these options here.