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Declaration of Specialization


All business majors must officially declare an area of specialization by Junior year. You can select an area of specialization in Accounting, Finance, Operations Management, or Marketing. Please click  here to review the different specializations. Please note, completing an Accounting minor will substitute for an area of specialization.

It is recommended that you wait to declare your specialization until after you have taken all of your fundamental classes (Principles of Marketing, Principles of Finance, Financial Accounting, and Operations Management).  Be sure to also pay close attention to course sequence requirements. It is suggested that you meet with your College of Business advisor to plan this out. 

When you are ready, you may declare an area of specialization by completing theBusiness Major Specialization Declaration Form.

Choosing Multiple Areas of Specialization

You can complete two areas of specialization as long as you give yourself enough time to complete the requirements. Your specializations will appear on your transcript after graduation, but not on your degree. Please be advised, you can not double-count courses between specializations. Each specialization is four classes therefore completing two specializations requires completing a total of eight classes. 

Changing Your Area of Specialization

You are able to change your area of specialization. However, it is recommended that you do not change your specialization during your senior year. If you do, it may be difficult to complete the necessary course requirements, since not all specialization courses are offered every academic year. If you change your specialization, you must complete a new declaration form. 

Transfer Credits for Area of Specialization Requirements 

With the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, transfer courses can be applied to the area of specialization that you select. However, no more than 6 credits may be counted toward a specialization area.