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2016-2017 Transportation Fee Report


The Transportation Fee was instituted in 1999 in support of sustainable transportation and parking solutions for Stony Brook University. The Fee provides support for operating SBU Transit, Suffolk Transit Connection, Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) and Southampton Shuttle Services. SBU Transit is the Universities' busing service which offers 7-day per week connectivity between West, East, South and R&D Park Campuses throughout the calendar year. In calendar year 2015-16, SBU Transit vehicles traveled over 602,000 service miles and in totality, SBU Transit, Suffolk Transit Connection, Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) and Southampton Shuttle Services provided approximately 60,500 service hours to University passengers.

The sustainable transportation services offer convenient, efficient and safe modes of travel to over 50 intra and inter-campus destinations. In addition to these services, the Transportation Fee supports the procurement of new vehicles, vehicle fuel, facility upgrades, regulatory compliance requirements, office supplies, transit shelters, signage, maps, bike initiatives, SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share, SBU Smart Transit and student parking lot maintenance and additions. The sustainable transportation and parking solutions supported by the Transportation Fee help provide convenience, reduced reliance on single occupancy vehicles, and support Stony Brook University's sustainability goals.

Recent developments related to sustainable transportation and parking include:

  • Expansion of SBU Transit Service, including increased frequency of the Hospital/Chapin and Southampton Shuttle routes.
  • Purchase of three new SBU Transit buses.
  • Launch of refreshed SBU Smart Transit mobile apps.
  • Addition of new bike racks to various locations near Academic Mall.
  • Expansion of SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share.
  • Energy efficient lighting enhancements to student parking lots/areas.
  • Availability of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at a total of 17 parking spaces located in various locations.
  • Zipcar car sharing service.

Student Benefits/Impacts

The Transportation Fee provides the following benefits to students:

  • SBU Service provides intra and inter-campus bus transportation.
  • By utilizing SBU Transit, SBU Wolf Ride and other bike services, students do not need a vehicle on campus or need to move their vehicle around campus.
  • Use of mass transit alleviates parking demand, reduces traffic congestion and mitigates impact on the natural environment.
  • Snow plowing, lighting and maintenance of parking lots is performed to ensure safe, accessible and equitable parking.
  • Commuter services are available for convenience and easy University access.
  • SBU Smart Transit used to advise campus populations to changes in transportation schedules and advisories to allow for advance travel planning.
  • Customer feedback is continuously monitored, evaluated and implemented when possible to meet University demand.

Student Access

The Transportation Fee provides the following access to students:

  • Students can use the SBU Transit Service on an unlimited basis.
  • SBU Transit Service operates seven days per week, 354 days per year and is designed to meet the needs of students, including commuters and residents.
  • On fall and spring semester weekdays, the SBU Transit Service begins daily service at 5:30am and ends service at 12:30am.
  • The SBU Transit Service provides transportation service in lieu of students using their personal vehicles at the University, thereby lowering student's fuel/maintenance costs and mitigating impact on the natural environment.
  • SBU Transit offers enhanced weekend service between the Long Island Railroad Stony Brook train station and a variety of destinations on both East and West Campuses.
  • SBU Transit offers the Suffolk Transit Connection, which is available free to students on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Students use SBU Transit maps, transit shelters, and transit signage to help meet their transportation needs.
  • The fee supports SBU Transit Service improvement initiatives, including SBU Smart Transit.
  • The fee supports SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share and biking initiatives, including the purchasing of bike racks and related infrastructure in order to enhance the biking culture at SBU.
  • SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share is available to students free for the first 60 minutes of each trip and is operated throughout the calendar year.
  • The fee ensures that transit vehicles meet annual regulatory and environmental compliance requirements.
  • The fee provides support for the creation of commuter student parking spaces, as well as for the maintenance of commuter parking lots.

Contact Info

Transportation & Parking Operations
Automotive Repair Facility, Stony Brook University
Monday - Friday, 7:00am to 3:30pm
Tel: (631) 63 2-6219

SBU Transit
SBU Transit Facility, South P Lot, Stony Brook University
Monday - Friday, 7:00am to 3:30pm
Tel: (631) 63 2-3741 or (631) 63 2-6418

SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share & General Biking Inquiries
Office of Sustainability, Central Stores Warehouse, Stony Brook University
Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm
Tel: (631) 63 2-6219 or (631) 63 2-4438

Parking Permits
Administration Building, 2 nd Floor, Stony Brook University
Monday - Friday, 10:00am to 4:30pm
Tel: (631) 63 2-9316 or (631) 63 2-2455

Parking Enforcement
117 Nassau Hall, Stony Brook University
Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm
Tel: (631) 63 2-AUTO

Metered Lot Parking - Pay Station Issues
Tel: (631) 63 2-6407

Actual Expenditures


Transportation Services: $6,207,091

The Transportation Fee provides support for the following services and equipment:

  • 31 buses, 5 shuttles, 4 ADA vehicles, 6 vans and 2 sedans in the SBU Transit fleet.
  • Convenient transit routes and connectivity to other mass transit alternatives, such as the Long Island Railroad.
  • Suffolk Transit Connection, which provides connectivity to off campus destinations including the Smith Haven Mall, Coventry Mall and the Village of Port Jefferson on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Over 30 on-campus SBU Transit bus shelters.
  • SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share has 12 solar powered stations and over 75 bicycles.
  • Bicycle racks attached to each SBU Transit vehicle to hold bicycles.
  • SBU Smart Transit allows students to view real-time vehicle locations via the web, in bus shelter displays and mobile applications.
  • SBU Transit advertising provides additional information to students about campus services and event information.

Fast Facts, Based on 2015-2016

SBU Transit

  • SBU Transit transported over 3.75 million passengers during the academic year.
  • The Suffolk Transit Connection alone transported over 80,400 passengers during the academic year.

SBU Parking

  • University offers a total over 18,000 parking spaces and 4 parking structures on West, East, South and R&D Park campuses.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations are available for $2.00 per hour in a total of 17 parking spaces on campus.
  • In an effort to minimize environmental impact, SBU pay stations exclusively accept credit/debit cards for payment.

Alternative Transportation

  • Over 400 students are members of Zipcar car sharing at SBU.
  • SBU offers use of over 1,700 bike parking stalls on bike racks located throughout campus.
  • University offers ridesharing services through 511NYRideshare, which is provided by the New York State Department of Transportation.


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