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Delegated Access

Students can grant Delegated Access to their Student Account via their SOLAR home page.  

Delegated Users Can:

  • Access Invoices
  • View: tuition and fee charges, past deposits/payments, disbursed financial aid, anticipated financial aid, waivers,  and holds. 
  • Make Payments
  • Log In with their own ID and Password

To grant Delegated Access, please log in to your SOLAR account and follow these instructions.

1. Click on "Share My Information" on the top right of your SOLAR home page.
2. Click "Delegate Access To A New Contact"
3. Read the Terms and Condition which allow the Bursar/Student Accounts office to discuss your Student Account with Delegated Users.  If you wish to proceed, click "I Accept".
4. Enter your Delegated User's information and select the "Student Finance" option.  Click "Save".
5.  SOLAR will now send an e-mail to your Delegate, informing them that you have granted them access.  The e-mail will provide instructions on how your contact can complete the process.