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Budget Development Process Dates


Important Dates Items
Nov. 20th

The 20/21 budget development process begins. The PeopleSoft Campus Budget Module is open for input.

Each VP area will set their own internal deadline for their individual departments to finalize their budget documents.

Feb. 20th

The budget development documents listed below are due from the VPs to the Campus Budget Office. 

  • Complete model 20/21 in PeopleSoft Campus Budget Module.
  • Prepare a presentation for the March budget presentations to the Budget Working Group (BWG).
  • The preparation of a narrative is optional, and should be used to supplement the content in your presentation file.
  • Complete the 20/21 OutYear Budget Forecast Schedule.
  • List by account of uncommitted cash balances in excess of $250K and their respective commitments. (Do not include Sponsored Research or Stony Brook Foundation.)

The Budget Office will review the completed CBM budgets, presentation file, OutYear Budget Forecast Schedule, list of uncommitted cash balances, along with the optional narrative starting February 21st. They will follow-up as needed with each area regarding areas of concern. 

VPs will present their budget plans to BWG [6 week process].

The Accounting Office will review the areas' IFR submissions.

The Budget Office will update Central Funds and project anticipated funding levels for the new year.

May The BWG will make final decisions regarding the approved budget adjustments by May 31. 
June 5th The Budget Office will notify all areas of the approved adjustments to their budgets for the following year.
June 5th - 21st Divisional finance leaders will adjust their budgets in the Campus Budget Module (CBM) to tie into their targets. 
July New year allocation is uploaded to financial management systems (SUNY BI, Lawson, etc.).