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SUNY Business Intelligence is a web-based application developed by SUNY Central that will replace SMRT and certain SUNY Legacy functions. It consists of multiple Financials dashboards.

To access SUNY BI, click here.


For VP Coordinators

  • SUNY BI Security Request Form -  VP Coordinators must complete the Employee Financial Systems REPORTING form if an employee in their area requires SUNY BI user access or updated security settings.

Basic Training for New Users

SUNY hosted a Webex on April 17th, 2020, which covered the dashboards and features listed below. Watch the full recording and check out the training Q&A for beginner user how-to information.


DASHBOARDS                             FEATURES
Reference    Default Home/Start Page
Account Summary   Selections (begins with, contains, search, etc.)
Transaction Inquiry   Include/Exclude/Move Columns
    Pivot Table Prompts/Sections
    Subtotal/Grand Totals
    Dashboard Customizations
    Reset Button
    Export/Print Options
Useful Links & Forms
  • SUNY BI Overview -  Provides an overview on how to access dashboards in the SUNY BI environment.


  Helpful Hints & Tricks

  1. How to Use the Search Feature in SUNY BI
  2. What to do if Campus Name is Null in a BI-Finance Dashboard
  3. How to Use the Include and Exclude Column Feature
  4. Customization and Setting a Default Customization (display)
  5. Moving a Column from Table to Pivot Table Prompt or Sections
  6. Using Bins to Group Data in Analysis