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SUNY Business Intelligence is a web-based application developed by SUNY Central that will replace SMRT and certain SUNY Legacy functions. It consists of multiple Financials dashboards.

To access SUNY BI, click here.


For VP Coordinators

  • SUNY BI Security Request Form -  VP Coordinators must complete the Employee Financial Systems REPORTING form if an employee in their area requires SUNY BI user access or updated security settings.
Useful Links & Forms
  • SUNY BI Overview -  Provides an overview on how to access dashboards in the SUNY BI environment.


  Helpful Hints & Tricks

  1. How to Use the Search Feature in SUNY BI
  2. What to do if Campus Name is Null in a BI-Finance Dashboard
  3. How to Use the Include and Exclude Column Feature
  4. Customization and Setting a Default Customization (display)
  5. Moving a Column from Table to Pivot Table Prompt or Sections
  6. Using Bins to Group Data in Analysis



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