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Textbook Tax Credit

Follett does not charge sales tax on textbooks shipped to campus for store pickup, your residence hall or NYS home address.

For a list of states that charge sales tax on textbooks, visit the website.

For Amazon orders, please follow the instructions below to submit your textbook tax credit:

  1. Place your Amazon order and wait for your shipment confirmation.
  2. Submit your tax exemption documentation for the state to which your items shipped by fax or email in order to receive a refund of any sales tax. Include your student ID and class syllabus. Fax to 206-266-2005 or send scanned PDF copies to

    Remember, Amazon must receive your completed tax exemption certificate no later than 90 days after the delivery of your order.

    Important: Please include the following:

    1. Your Amazon order number (17 digits in this format XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX). Write this number on the top of the certificate.
    2. Your email address associated with your Amazon account.
    3. Acceptable proof of your exempt status (student ID and class syllabus). If you do not have course syllabus information, please download and use the NYS Textbook Exemption Certificate (.pdf).

    4. The name of the seller who sold the item(s) completed on the exemption documentation.
    5. The name of the person who purchases the item(s).
    6. If sending a fax, mark your fax "Attn: Amazon Tax Exempt".

      Note: Non-FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) sellers must be contacted directly for tax refund request. To contact a seller, click the " Your Orders" button in "Your Account". Scroll down to the purchased item and click the "Contact seller" button to the right of the order.
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