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Course Material Requisitions

Winter & Spring requisitions due October 15; Summer & Fall requisitions due April 2.

Please keep in mind that the later you submit your order, the more difficult it will be for our course material provider, Follett, to source and secure your course material in time for the start of the semester. Timely submission helps the bookstore determine the value of the books based on their being used in the next semester. This will guide them as to the value of the books, and offer the students more at buy back time. Students will save money if more used books are available. If you will be teaching a course during the upcoming semester(s) and require books or supplies for your class(es), please remember to submit your order to the Bookstore Liaison's Office as soon as possible.

Submit Course Materials

Department Admins

If you are a department admin ordering course materials for your department, use the link below.

Submit Course Materials (Department Admins)

Follett Discover Video Tutorial

Watch a tutorial video on Follett Discover for faculty, the tool that you will be using to submit course materials for the upcoming semester.

Contact the Bookstore Liaison's Office if you have additional questions.

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