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Custom Course Packs

Create Custom Course Packs with XanEdu

XanEdu is a 100% custom publishing company that works with faculty and departments to save students money on the cost of their textbooks/course materials. XanEdu offers prices 25% - 65% lower than traditional publishers!

XanEdu has been producing custom course materials in higher education for over fifteen years. We understand the need for more affordable options for students.

At XanEdu, we work with you to only include only the content you choose and work to keep the cost at a price point you determine! You can choose chapters from various books, write your own content, choose replacement content from any of our hundreds of content partners, or develop a combination of all of the above!

Create a Custom Course Pack with XanEdu directly from your Follett Discover account! Select the Create Content button in your dashboard and follow the prompts.

Other Options Available

For additional custom course pack materials, please contact Follett directly at:

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