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Bookstore Liaison's Office

The primary focus of the Office is to provide excellent customer service to all, including faculty, staff, students, and parents of students  who contact the office with questions, problems or concerns related to Follett, or other FSA services.

The Bookstore Liaison's Office is a department under the  Faculty Student Association (FSA) which provides jobs for students here at the University. Currently, the Bookstore Liaison's Office oversees a team of 8 student employees, both undergraduate and graduate students, from a diverse variety of majors. The team at the Bookstore Liaison's Office values teamwork and the unique perspectives students bring to the table.

An ever-evolving project of the Bookstore Liaison's Office is the  Course Material Requisition system, which the university faculty uses each semester. The Office works with hard-working teams from around the University to make sure the system is constantly adapting to new technology and is exactly what the faculty needs. With our latest transition to our virtual course material provider Follett, we will be here to help you navigate their new course material requisition system and provide you with any assistance you need in selecting your course material requests.

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