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Internships in the Life Sciences

An internship is the perfect way to gain experiential learning, while preparing you for a career after graduation.

 The BIO 488 Internship  is designed to allow students to receive academic credit for a career focused experience in the biological sciences that does not have a major focus on research. Students must be accepted into an internship experience before registering for credit.  Please note, BIO 488 will not count toward the Biology major, but students will fulfill the EXP+ SBC requirement.

Here are just a few of the activities for which students have enrolled in BIO 488:

  • Shadowing physicians in a clinical or hospital setting
  • Volunteering at Animal Rescue foundations
  • Assisting in Department of Health offices
  • Interning at local start up companies
  • Serving as a volunteer EMT

 To apply for permission to enroll in BIO 488, please submit the BIO Internship Registration Form to Lynette Giordano (Undergraduate Biology Offices, Room 109 CMM/BLL)

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