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Faculty in the News

May 2018

Ben Martin Dr. Ben Martin: Using Microscopy and Genetic Analysis to Better Understand Metastasis. Read More


April 2018

Matus and Martin New Imaging Method Identifies How Normal and Cancer Cells Move and Adapt. Read More


March 2018

Heather Lynch Dr. Heather Lynch, Associate Professor in Ecology and Evolution, and colleagues from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution discover "supercolony" of Adelie penguins in Antarctica.  Read More


February 2018

Jarrod French Dr. Jarrod French Named Cottrell Scholar for Innovative Research and Training. Read More


July 2017

Krishna Study Sheds Light on Dog Origins-Dr. Krishna Veeramah, Department of Ecology and Evolution. Read More


May 2017

Peter Gergen Dr. J. Peter Gergen, Director of Undergraduate Biology and Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, has been named Distinguished Service Professor. Read More



March 2017

Dubnau "Jumping Genes" offer clue to understanding ALS. Read More


January 2017

Matus Research shows that cell division and invasion are separate actions in cancer process. Read More


January 2017

Gary Matthews In Memoriam: Dr. Gary G. Matthews


October 2016

  Lynch Citizen Scientists Can Now Lend a Hand in Penguin Conservation-Dr. Heather Lynch, Department of Ecology and Evolution. Read More, Also Seen in Newsday


September 2016

Fontanini The brain perceives taste with all senses, research reveals-Dr. Alfred Fontanini, Department of Neurobiology and Behavior. Read More


October 2015

Matus Lab Study suggests targeting invasive cells, not dividing cells, to halt cancer-Dr. David Matus, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Read More


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