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Graduate Courses

Courses offered Online in Summer and Fall Semesters

BIO558 - Biological Basis of Human Evolution and Behavior

Description:  A exploration of biological theories of human evolution, properties,   and behavior. We build an understanding of evolution of complex organisms by natural selection, followed by the emergence of humans as a uniquely complex species. Scientific hypothesis formation and testing using the extensive multidisciplinary empirical record of the 1.8 million years of human history is developed throughout. Implications of human evolutionary biology for contemporary social and sexual behavior are also investigated. 
Faculty:  Joanne Souza, PhD

Visit for online course  requirements. Offered as BIO 558 and CEB 553

CEB553 – Biology and Human Behavior

Description: A biological theory of human uniqueness is presented and explored through the examination of empirical evidence from a multidisciplinary prospective including insights from ethnology, human social and sexual behavior, evolutionary biology, history, economics, the humanities and political science.
Faculty: Joanne Souza, PhD

Visit for online course requirements. Offered as BIO 558 and CEB 553