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Steven E. Glynn, Ph. D– Assistant Professor

Steve grew up in the northwest of England and discovered his love of biochemistry in high school when measuring the kinetics of hydrogen peroxide breakdown by catalase. He received an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the University of Sheffield and stayed in Sheffield to complete a Ph. D with Prof. David Rice in structural biology. As a graduate student, Steve determined the structures of plant biosynthetic enzymes as targets for the development of novel herbicides. After graduation, Steve moved to the United States to join Prof. Bob Sauer’s lab at MIT as a post-doc. Here, he used x-crystallography and enzymology to understand how protein-unfolding enzymes capture energy from ATP to create mechanical forces in the cell.

Steve joined the faculty at Stony Brook University in January 2012. His lab uses a combined approach of structural biology and mechanistic enzymology to understand how proteases regulate and maintain the function of mitochondria. Proteases provide spatio-temporal control of energy production, lipid metabolism, and apotosis by destroying specific mitochondrial proteins at precise times.  Discovering how these enzymes target and degrade substrates from a crowded environment is crucial to understanding how multifaceted mitochondria perform activities essential to the survival of eukaryotic cells.

Glynn Research

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