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The Paladin

Andrew Warren



We see a YOUNG MAN hunched over a computer, headphones on, typing, in a world of his own. An old varsity letter is pinned to the wall, along side some pictures, bending from age. Behind him, a television. Its pulsating light illuminates the room. The static-y voice of a NEWSCASTER is heard, gradually becoming clearer, resonating in the room. We zoom into the television screen.


TWO NEWSCASTERS are seated. A bar of information zooms along the bottom of the screen. In the background, fireworks dance along the city's skyline.

NEWSCASTER 1 Ultimately, New Years Eve is a time for togetherness, reflection, and hope. This year, we as a nation faced many hardships, but they made us realize where our support must lie.

NEWSCASTER 2  It seems unbelievable, but tonight marks 10 years since the Colwell incident, when we saw ordinary men and women become extraordinary.

NEWSCASTER 1 Despite the initial controversy surrounding these people, they have taught us a valuable lesson.



A towering skyscraper is ablaze, flames licking the smog-filled sky. FIREMEN usher the rescued GROUP far from the building, yet we hear a scream for help. A YOUNG MAN clutches the fire escape for dear life, as flames close in around him-

NEWSCASTER 1(V.O.)  Despite how bleak things may seem-

Suddenly, we see a sonic boom, followed by a flash of gold. In an instant, the young man is safe on the ground, safely, yet effortlessly carried over the shoulder of a MAN.

NEWSCASTER 1(V.O.) (CONT'D) There are always those who will stop at nothing to do what is right.

The sun glitters off his suit, immaculately white, except for a golden shield blazoned across his chest. His golden cape, woven from infinitesimally thin fibers, blows in the wind. He smiles triumphantly.

A crowd of reporters envelops the man, clamoring for attention. They worship him, shouting his name.

He is no regular man. He is THE PALADIN.