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Restless Resting

Emily Shen

if i could rewind the years
just to sleep childishly
against my mother
how cruel
i simply want to remember
sleeping soundly
cradled by warmth and tenderness
how cruel
the peace is broken

as i lay myself down
night after
endless night
my body turns to stone
paralyzed and mute

i am entombed by my own
if only i was blind
to avoid the terrors of unknown depths
i close my eyes
and will my petrified self to break

these limbs feel a heaviness
beyond repair

tell me what it’s like to hibernate
to sleep deeply among the roots
as the blanket of snow that covers my dreams
and i awaken once more



An Opinion on Decapitation

What I wouldn’t give

To know the joys of being beheaded

Of removing the weight from my shoulders

So that when the moon is out

And my eyes are heavy

I can find peace

As the darkness unhinges her jaw

She can finally swallow me down

For me to sink headfirst into new beginnings

I’ve heard that the heavier the head, the farther it rolls

And I welcome the coming distances