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Why, oh why major in creative writing?

Maybe you’re thinking that your beautiful child will graduate with a creative writing degree and never find a job and wind up living in a cardboard box under the off-ramp of the L.I.E. and still be scribbling poems but on scraps of trash that blow by in the fierce November wind. “Fear not,” as the Cat in the Hat says. Talented writers have more practical options than you might think.

Creative writing majors have valuable skills that let them adapt to many different careers. They are expressive and persuasive. They are creative problem solvers. They are self-reliant, but they also learn to work in a community.

writing studentBusinesses are desperate for top-notch communicators. According to a 2016 study of Human Resources executives at Business Roundtable, Fortune 500, and Inc. 5000 companies, salaried employees need to be able to write. And not just a few salaried employees. 62% of respondents said that almost all of their salaried employees have some writing responsibilities, and another 16% said that two-thirds do. Only 7% reported that “a few” of their employees needed to write on the job. Moreover, compared to previous studies, the trend in our increasingly technological workplace is toward greater and greater emphasis on writing skills. Memos, emails, and presentations have authors. So, now, do blogs and social media posts.

Our program delivers the skills to pursue a range of options. Expression and persuasion are especially pertinent to:

Advertising •  Marketing • Publicity •  Strategic Planning •  Law •  Financial Advising • Sales •  Public Policy/Advocacy •  Politics • Publishing • Media •   Arts Administration •  Fundraising •  Healthcare • Management Consulting • Education

There isn’t an employer on the planet who doesn’t value creative problem-solving, self-reliance, and being able to work effectively in a community.

Among the career paths most directly connected to creative writing are:

Author • Book Editor • Magazine Editor • Literary Agent • Publicist • Journalist • Copywriter • Technical Writer • Ghost Writer • Speechwriter • Stand-up Comic • Proofreader • Blogger • Screenwriter 

Hey, you never know. “Famous author” might end up being your child’s job description.