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Arts Administration

Imagine you’re an Arts Administrator. W hat does this career actually entail? CollegeBoard gives you the gist of it.

Whether at an art museum, an after-school program, a theater company, or a cultural center, one major aspect of an arts administrator’s job is writing grant proposals. A grant proposal is a technical document written to secure funding , which means it needs to be persuasive, cohesive, and concise. Creative writing workshops aim to make your writing all of these things and more. Something you’ll hear, often, in creative writing workshops is "show, don’t tell."  This applies to grant proposals as well.  

Another major part of arts administration is planning events. Fundraisers need invitation copy and press releases. Educational events need snappy course descriptions. A passion for the arts, a bit of creativity, and the ability to write anyone’s socks off make for a successful arts administrator, a career so stable and popular among our graduate students that our MFA in Creative Writing program even has a course in it! 

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