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Winter & Summer 2021 Workshop Topics


Winter Session 2021 Online Asynchronous Workshop


CWL 305.S01 -   HFA+, WRTD

  YA Novel with Emma Walton Hamilton

Online, Asynchronous

Most of us can think of the book that changed our lives - the one that turned our world upside down, showed us we weren’t alone, made us a reader. For many of us, that book was one we read as a teenager. Young adulthood is a unique and transitional stage of development, distinguished by physical, intellectual and emotional changes. It is a time of tension, of questions, of defining oneself in relationship to the world around us. By addressing these issues head on, YA literature is uniquely valuable and relevant to the lives of its readers. It is also the fastest growing sector of the publishing industry.

Since the mid-1990’s, Young Adult literature has come of age. No longer limited to “problem novels” and teen romances, today’s YA is innovative, gritty and boundary-pushing. The Forms of Fiction - Young Adult (YA) Literature course presents an overview of YA as a meaningful and respected genre within the publishing industry, and in the library, educational and book-selling community. The focus is on the craft elements, criteria and objectives of the form. Topics covered include basic history, current events, craft elements, and industry standards. Coursework includes readings, presentations, and writing assignments, as well as feedback on fellow students’ written material.