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Why at Stony Brook? Isn’t that a science school?

building and mantraIn some ways, training in the arts and sciences are similar. Both are project-driven. In the Creative Writing Major, you will write a book as your capstone project, not unlike a biochem major conducting research in a lab.

  • Community. We’re a colony of artists embedded in a research university. The vibe is relaxed, friendly, and unpretentious. While admission is selective and the course of study rigorous, we help each other to become better writers.
  • Customization. Our program is small enough to give highly individualized attention without sacrificing any of the resources a big state school provides. Since enrollment in writing workshops is capped at 16 students, you’ll get to know everyone in the major. You’ll work individually with a talented faculty member on your capstone project, gaining a mentor for life.
  • Quality. Our faculty includes authors of national reputation. Every course we offer is taught by a working writer who faces the same stuff you do: the challenges of making art out of language, the exhilaration when the work comes to life, the blank page and the page that’s not blank enough.
  • Cost. Tuition is a bargain. We offer a small, liberal arts college experience at Stony Brook prices.


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