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What is Records management?

In accordance with Section 57.05 of the NYS Arts and Cultural Affairs Law, official records of state-operated campuses of the State University of New York (SUNY) and SUNY System Administration must be retained and may not be destroyed unless in accordance with applicable records retention schedules. 

Why is this important to Stony brook university?

SUNY's Records Retention Policy codifies the retention periods for the various records housed by SUNY campuses, including Stony Brook University. SUNY Policy 6609 has a series of appendices (available through the policy and also on the Records Retention Compliance webpage) that lists all the various records, the specific period that a campus must retain them, and what records must be kept permanently.  The SUNY policy and appendices have been pre-approved by New York State Archives and the Office of the State Comptroller. When the SUNY Schedule does not cover a particular record, Stony Brook University is to defer to the New York State schedule (available on the State Archives website) for the proper retention period.

How can this benefit me?

Many times records are unnecessarily retained.  Information that no longer serves a legal, operational, or historic value to Stony Brook University should be disposed of in accordance with the SUNY Records Retention Schedules.  Records that have met their retention requirements can often be purged or archived, and many other records may be candidates for scanning/imaging.   Implementing an efficient Records Management program in your department offers a host of benefits:

  •   Improves efficiency and accuracy in locating your records
  •   Reduces the desire to keep records longer than required
  •   Assures that proper records are identified, retained and/or archived
  •   Reduces clutter and frees up valuable space
  •   Protects the University against litigation/adverse court rulings

Check out our easy-to-read brochure for more info!

Need Help?

If you would like more information about records retention at Stony Brook University, please contact

Allison Matos, Records Management Officer
Office: 291 Administration Building
Phone: (631) 632-1439
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