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Combined Degree Programs


SoMAS offers four combined degree programs.  Click on the links for the program requirements.

* For the most up to date and official degree description and requirements see the undergraduate bulletin for   ATM,   ENS,   MAR  and   MVB.


Students will normally be considered for admission into the combined degree program after completing their junior year of undergraduate study-either before the start of their senior year or during their senior year. Students with exceptional records may be admitted during the junior year. Students who transfer to Stony Brook after their junior year must complete one semester at Stony Brook before they will be considered for admission to this combined degree program.

Any student considering this program should identify a potential MS advisor who has agreed to advise him or her, as part of the combined degree program is that he or she will begin doing graduate level research during the summer following their fourth year.).

This combined program is designed for outstanding students in the undergraduate ATM/ENS/MAR/MVB degree. The highly selective admissions requirements for students entering the combined degree program are as follows:

  • Overall Stony Brook undergraduate GPA of at least 3.3
  • A minimum GPA of 3.5 is required in courses required in the major  and
  • Letters of recommendation from two Stony Brook faculty members, including one who agrees to be student’s research advisor

For more information contact the undergraduate director and/or the graduate programs director.

Please visit the   Marine Sciences M.S. Track  page for more information about the requirements for the M.S. degree.

Please visit the   Marine Conservation and Policy  page for more information about the requirements for the M.A. degree.


Other Combined Degree Programs

The   College of Business   at Stony Brook University offers a   Master of Business Administration (MBA) Fast Track Program  that qualifying students in ATM, ENS, MAR, MVB and SUS can apply for to earn their MBA in their fifth year at Stony Brook.  For program information, requirements and additional information, please visit the  College of Business.


* For the most up to date and official degree description and requirements see the   undergraduate bulletin.


1. This checklist summarizes your major/minor degree requirements. Please consult the Undergraduate Bulletin that was in place when you declared your major/minor for the official list of major/minor requirements. For details, visit

2. This checklist indicates ONLY what is required for your major or minor, and does not confirm completion of the University’s general education, upper-division, and total credit requirements. Please consult with the appropriate academic advising unit to review the remaining graduation requirements. For general advising locations, visit


The articles below highlight students in the Combined Degree Program:


Emily Markowitz (BS, 2015)

In the Fall of 2015, Emily Markowitz was a senior graduating with a major Marine Sciences with minors in Coastal Environmental Science, Geospatial Science and Theatre.  She was accepted into the Accelerated BS/MS degree program with Dr. Janet Nye in her Fisheries...


Tyler Abruzzo (MS, 2015)

In 2015, Tyler Rose Abruzzo became the first student to graduate from the combined BS and MS program at SoMAS, a program designed to allow high achieving undergraduates to use up to 12 credits of course work towards both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. For her Master’s thesis, Tyler studied the temporal and spatial dynamics of the finfish and macro-invertebrate community in the Peconic Bay Estuary under the joint direction of Professors Dr. Robert Cerrato and Dr. Michael Frisk. She was also involved in sampling finfish, macro-invertebrates and sediment in the Great South Bay and Mill Neck Creek. According to Tyler, “My experiences and field work at SoMAS have been not only knowledgeable but fun and unforgettable. My professors and peers have left a lasting impression on me.”

Tyler went directly from graduating at Stony Brook to her new position as a Staff Scientist at H2M Architects & Engineers, where she will be working on delineating wetlands throughout Long Island for construction projects as a consultant. She will also be acquiring environmental permits for clients for proposed construction work, as well as working with Townships for project approval. According to Tyler, “my degree at Stony Brook gave me a broad background in general ecology, therefore I was able to find a company that will help start my career as a biological environmental consultant.”

Her advice to other students is to take advantage of the integrated BS/MS program at SoMAS and to take classes that might be outside your comfort zone to gain knowledge on other subjects. She says “You’ll never know what type of experience/knowledge an employer might be looking for. Therefore, the more knowledge you have about different subjects and the more field techniques you learn will better your chances of landing a job. She describes the experience of the BS and MS program as being ”…a smooth transition from being an undergraduate to a graduate. I knew most of the faculty and their research at SoMAS from my undergraduate classes which made finding an adviser who would support the type of research I wanted to do for my Masters much easier.”