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M.A. in Contemporary Asian & American Studies

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What is the focus of the new MA-CAAS program? 

This new Master’s program focuses on contemporary Asian and Asian-American cultures, politics and societies, contemporary philosophical and religious orientations in Asia, as well as the role of global processes in the transformation of Asia and Asian America.

Who should apply? 

 If you say YES to any of the following—

  1. Are you a major/minor in Asian Studies and/or Asian American Studies. who would like to pursue a graduate degree in Asian and Asian American Studies?
  2. Do you have an academic background in Art, Business, Education, Journalism, Health Professions, Engineering and other fields and would like to develop expert knowledge about Asia and Asian America?
  3. Are you planning a career in Arts and Culture, Business, Advertising, Education, Journalism, Diplomacy, International Relations, Health Sciences, and Industry in today’s globalized job market?
  4. Are you a mid-career professional who would like to enhance your job prospects by building expert knowledge about Asia and Asian America?
  5. Are you a teacher of ESL, EFL, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, and other global languages who would like to seek relevant advanced professional training?

What does the MA-CAAS curriculum look like?

 30-credits including 24-credits of course work and 6-credits of thesis/project work, over two semesters.  More specifically, students are required to take the following:

  1. a fall pro-seminar in research methods (3 credits)
  2. one course in each of five categories (15 credits):

    - Language and Cross-Cultural Communication

    - Religions and Philosophies of Asia

    - Culture and Heritage

    - Politics and Society

    - Contemporary Asian Diaspora
  3. two elective courses in any field of interest, chosen in consultation with and subject to approval of the Graduate Director (6 credits)
  4. a thesis or final project (6 credits)

An optional Asian language track is provided for students with a strong background and interest in a particular Asian language.  These students may take graduate level Asian language courses as their two elective courses for the MA program.

What do you need to prepare to apply for the MA-CAAS program?

  • Undergraduate transcript
  • Official report of GRE scores
  • Statement of purpose (500-1000 words)
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Official report of TOEFL scores (for international applicants from non-English speaking countries)

What is the deadline?

Applications should be received by March 1. Applications may be considered after the deadline at the discretion of the admissions committee.

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Who to contact for more information?

Professor Gregory Ruf

Director of Graduate Studies

Department of Asian and Asian American Studies

College of Arts and Sciences, Stony Brook University