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Sung Bae Park

Professor of Religious Studies. Expertise in Buddhism, East Asian Philosophy and Religion as well as interfaith dialogue such as Buddhist-Christian dialogue and Budhist-Confucian debate in Korea. Founder and director of the Center for Korean Studies at Stony Brook. Taught various courses ranging from Chinese, Japanese and Korean to Confucianism and Taoism, since 1977. Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies at the University of California at Berkeley in 1978. Publication includes  Buddhist Faith and Sudden Enlightenment (SUNY Press, 1983) and  The Korean Buddhist Canon: A Descriptive Catalogue (with Lewis Lancaster, University of California Press, 1979). Also the General Editor of the Wonhyo Translation Project as well as the translator of  Wonhyo’s Commentaries on the Awakening of Faith from “Collected Works of Wonhyo.” Currently researching in the T’i-yung construction as an East Asian way of thinking and the debates between Subitist and Gradualist approaches toward Buddhist Enlightenment and Practice.  

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