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Dr. Sridhar is currently an associate professor in the department of Asian and Asian American Studies and Linguistics. She is recognized for her research on maintenance of languages and cultures among Asian Indian linguistic communities and on World Englishes. In addition to her book on English in Indian Bilingualism (New Delhi: Manohar, 1989), she has published 30+ articles in major journals and as invited chapters in teacher training textbooks. She is currently working on a book on language maintenance among the Thanjavur Marathi speakers, who have maintained their language for over 300+ years as migrants within and outside India. She has been invited to present her work on language maintenance among linguistic minorities from India all over the world, including Colombia, Greece, Japan, Thailand, Japan, Hongkong, and all over the USA and India.

Dr. Kamal K. Sridhar received her MA in TESOL and Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. From 1986 to 1997. Dr. Sridhar directed the undergraduate and graduate TESOL program and served as the Director of ESL at Stony Brook University. From 1981-1986, Dr. Sridhar taught undergraduate and graduate TESOL courses at CUNY-Queens College, and also supervised the teaching practicum of student teachers. From 1989 to 1995, Dr. Sridhar served on the Editorial Board of TESOL Quarterly, a journal devoted to ESL teaching and research. Since 1997, Dr. Sridhar has been on the editorial advisory board of Encarta of World Englishes (St. Martin’s Press) and Webster’s Dictionary.


a.   Books

English in Indian bilingualism. New Delhi: Manohar. 1989.

Ethnicity and Language Maintenance:  The Case of Thanjavur Marathi in South India (Forthcoming)

Monographs (with S. N. Sridhar), Annual Benefit Dinner of the Center for India Studies:

2006: India in 2,020

2005:  India on the Move                

2004: Passage to India                                                        

2003: Creating Global Knowledge: The Role of India                                                        

2002: The Indian Diaspora

2001: Dance Traditions of India                                        

2000: Languages & Writings in India

1999: Sacred Architecture of India

1998: Ancient Indian Education

b.   Invited Chapters in Edited Volumes

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a.   Refereed Journal Articles

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