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Joseph Santarpia

JOSEPH SANTARPIA is a contemporary painter working on of Long Island New York. He received his BS in Visual Art Education from SUNY New Paltz in 2017 and currently he is in the MFA program at Stony Brook University.  His work questions the reality of being human. He believes true humanity is expressed when unshakable internal forces are acted upon. These forces arrive within us from emotions such as anger and love. What we do in instances of anger, love, conflict, triumph, and actualization are gateways into the human experience. The artist’s purpose in capturing experiences of this kind is for us to recognize the human presence and to look closer at what it is that we feel during these moments.  with the exception of human expressions, the perception of feeling is non representational. That being said, Joseph’s work is comprised of an intentional collision between realistic and non-representational subject matter. He portrays both the physical human expressions and a metaphysical view of the mind and the body during moments of unshakable internal force. In order to create the aforementioned contrast of subject matter, the artist works with collage and water media painting in tandem.  Watercolor paintings and ink washes are individually rendered, then selectively and precisely cut out to serve as singular collage materials.