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Sonia Harmand, Associate Professor
Paleolithic Archaeology, Human Evolution, Africa, Lithic Technology, Early Hominin Cognition and Behavior, Primate Archaeology

Elisabeth Hildebrand, Associate Professor; Director, Undergraduate Studies
Archaeology, Early Farming, Africa, Paleoethnobotany
Phone: +1-631-632-7163, Email:

John J. Shea, Professor
Paleolithic Archaeology, Lithics Analysis, Africa, Southwest Asia
Phone: +1-631-632-7665, Email:

Elizabeth C. Stone, Professor
Old World Archaeology, Ancient Near Eastern Economy and Society, Complex Societies and Urbanism, Remote Sensing and GIS
Phone: +1-631-632-7627, Email:

Katheryn C. Twiss, Associate Professor
Archaeology, Neolithic, Zooarchaeology, Southwest Asia (Near East)
Phone: +1-631-632-1539, Email:


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