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Admission to the Applied Math Major

Admission to the Applied Math Major
Like all majors in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Applied Math major is designed to be entered in the sophomore year. The prerequisite coursework is single-variable Calculus (I and II) and Linear Algebra or Calculus III (see the various courses that satisfy these topics in the Major Requirements above). Students should have a GPA in these courses of 2.5 or better. Students with weaker backgrounds should contact the Applied Math Undergraduate Program Director,  Professor Esther Arkin, to learn how to gain admission to the Applied Math major.

Exceptionally well prepared high school students coming to Stony Brook may be allowed to enter the University as an enrolled Applied Math major.

For the six required upper-division elective courses in the AMS major, AMS/MAT majors can count MAT312 (which is cross-listed with AMS 351), MAT 303 (equivalent to AMS 361) along with any two other upper-division MAT courses. Check the MAT major requirements to see which AMS courses can be used for the MAT major. AMS/MAT double majors need to satisfy just one of the AMS and MAT writing requirements. 

Recommendations for Course Selections and Careers

The department encourages students to have a broad exposure to many types of mathematical reasoning and to its diverse roles in the business, industry and sciences. During their first two years, students take the Lower Division Requirements (listed above). All prospective Applied Math majors are encouraged to take the introductory economics course ECO 108, because of the many careers that require a knowledge of economics. At the end of the sophomore year or the beginning of the junior year, students begin the Upper Division Requirements starting with AMS 301 and 310. As noted above, Applied Math majors are encouraged to pursue a minor or second major in a discipline of their choice.

The particular set of upper division elective courses taken in the junior and senior years by Applied Math majors, and the order in which the courses are taken, is very flexible. For assistance in 300-level AMS course sequences, majors are encouraged to meet with the Applied Math Undergraduate Program Director, Professor Esther Arkin. 

The following list of course sequences for certain professions is given as a preliminary guide to students with interests in these professions. Students should speak with the Undergraduate Program Director and faculty members specializing in these areas as early as possible for more specific information. 

Actuary:  The Applied Math major can be taylored to provide an excellent preparation for a career as an actuary. Dozens of Applied Math majors now work as actuaries. It is possible for a student to pass five actuarial exams while an undergraduate at Stony Brook. For details, see  Actuarial Training. 

StatisticianAMS  301 310 311 315 316 and  412 . For more information about careers in statistics, see  Statistics Careers . A Master's degree is the expected professional training for a practicing statistician. Students considering graduate statistics programs should consider taking MAT 310 and 320, although either of these courses is needed for statistics graduate study at Stony Brook. 

Operations Researcher or Management Scientist : AMS  301 310 311 341 , and  342 . For more information about careers in operations research, see  Operations Research Careers . A Master's degree is the expected professional training for a practicing operations researchers.

Programmer-AnalystAMS  301 310 , 311  321 , and  341 along with appropriate computer science courses such as CSE 114 and 214.

Graduate Study in the Mathematical Sciences:  The most common choice for graduate study among Applied Math majors is a Master's degree in statistics or operations research. See the advice above about undergraduate coursework in statistics and operations research. Many Applied Math majors go to professional schools-- Business, Law, Medical or Dental-- upon graduation. See the Applied Math Undergraduate Program Director,  Professor Esther Arkin, for personal advising about graduate study.

Secondary School Mathematics Teacher:  Students preparing for a career as a teacher of mathematics in the secondary schools enroll in the Mathematics Teacher Preparation Program. Students in this program can major in either Mathematics or Applied Math. Consult Director of this program in the Mathematics Department for further information. 


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