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Entry Into PhD Program From MS Program

A Masters student may petition the Graduate Admissions and Recruiting Committee to be admitted to the Doctoral program. Before applying, the student is expected to have passed both the foundation and the area qualifying exams and should have identified a research advisor. The prospective research advisor must submit a letter of recommendation on behalf of the student to the Graduate Program Coordinator by June 1st for Fall admission and December 1st for Spring admission. The recommendation letter, the student's SBU transcript, and the student's original graduate application material will be evaluated by the admissions committee. To be considered for departmental financial support, the student must meet the same deadlines as new students applying for admission with support ( December 15th for Fall admission and October 1st for Spring admission).

Switching areas
A doctoral student who wishes to change areas must consult with the graduate program director as well as the faculty member in the proposed area. Switching areas typically requires decisions be made on stipend support, additional coursework, and qualifying examinations.



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