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AMS 507 Introduction to Probability 
The topics include sample spaces, axioms of probability, conditional probability and independence, discrete and continuous random variables, jointly distributed random variables, characteristics of random variables, law of large numbers and central limit theorem, Markov chains. Note: Crosslisted with HPH 696.
Fall, 3 credits, ABCF grading 
AMS 507 webpage

AMS 510 Analytical Methods  for Applied Mathematical Methods

AMS 533 Numerical Methods and Algorithms in Computational Biology 

CHE 541/MCB 520 Graduate Biochemistry 

AMS 531 Laboratory Rotations in Computational Biology 

AMS 532 Journal Club in Computational Biology

AMS 535 Introduction to Computational Structural Biology and Drug Design 

AMS 537 Biological Networks and Dynamics 

CSE 549/AMS XXX Computational Biology


AMS 530 Principles of Parallel Computing

AMS 534 Introduction to Systems Biology

AMS 536 Molecular Modeling of Biological Molecules

CHE 538 Statistical Mechanics

CHE 533 Chemical Thermodynamics

PHY 558 Physical and Quantitative Biology

Electives may also be chosen from any area relevant to computational biology, based on the specific interests of the student. The student in encouraged to consult with a faculty advisor in advance of choosing electives.  Likley areas of specialization may include: 

- Computational applied math
- Optimzation and simulation of complex systems
- Structural biology/biochemistry
- Developmental/cell biology
- Biostatistics 



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