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Connecting Science Communication Research with Action

Below is a curated selection of features from the field of science communication written by collaborators. Interested in becoming a contributor? Click here.


Science on Stage 2023

An uncommon application of science communication, Science on Stage transforms cutting-edge research into theater, bringing together individuals with different interests and sparking transdisciplinary conversations.

Register Now: Webinar on Dec. 7th

Hosted by the Alda Center and featuring Dr. Shawntel Okonkwo, this webinar will give you hands-on tools for using empathy to deconstruct audience monoliths and be intentionally inclusive in your science communication.

How I Make My Publications Interesting for Non-Academic Audiences

Three steps to make your research interesting to non-academic audiences.

Hands Off Our Meds

Ozempic and CGMs (continuous glucose monitors) are the new “it” methods for weight loss, to the detriment of people who have diabetes, like Vanessa.

Clinical Trials: Past, Present and Future

What are clinical trials? How do they work? What purpose do they serve? Learn about them here.

My Experience With The Flame Challenge

Melanie Golob, winner of the 2014 Flame Challenge, shares her experience on what it was like participating in the worldwide competition.