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Connecting Science Communication Research with Action

Below is a curated selection of features from the field of science communication written by collaborators.


The Scientific Method: Do We Need A New Framework?

Is the scientific method a framework that has done more harm than good? Do we need to rethink how we frame our approach to doing science?

Your Weekly Dose of Whoa!

Beyond high school, if Americans aren’t seeking out science on their own, when will they encounter it? TV meteorologist Jordan Sandler wanted to “blow minds” and pump up the wonder in Episode 2 of his scicomm series, Your Weekly Dose of Whoa!,...

Cloudy With a 20% Chance of Uncertainty

Recovering TV meteorologist Sara Kobilka shares strategies for communicating uncertainty in weather forecasting.

Horseshoe crabs spawning in shallow water

Everyday Environmentalism: The Orgies of Under-appreciated Arthropods

Paul D. Mooney, an award-winning writer, film-maker and master's student in Marine Conservation and Policy at SBU, regales us with his adventures tracking spawning horseshoe crabs along the eastern coastline.

Three Lessons from Don't Look Up for Science Communication

Movies can change a society. They can change culture. And they can illuminate a hard to define problem, and make it a visceral lesson shared by many. Don’t Look Up smashed weekly viewing records and became the second most viewed film in Netflix...

Strategic communication as planned behavior in scicomm

Strategic Communication as Planned Behavior in Scicomm

Science communication researchers, Sara K. Yeo (University of Utah) and John C. Besley (Michigan State University), discuss Strategic Communication as Planned Behavior and its role in communicating basic science/discovery research. A preview of a...