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Connecting Science Communication Research with Action

Below is a curated selection of features from the field of science communication written by collaborators.

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Foundational Skills for Science Communication

Over the past several years, these authors have worked to collect and categorize the skills and content knowledge underlying effective science communication. Their goal was to present our view of these key skills that apply regardless of audience...

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Aesthetic Communication In SciComm

Science communication is important and requires new methods and approaches in a society that is being rapidly overtaken by social media and consumerism. One key way to make science stand out in a sea of content is to adapt aesthetic design principles...

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Working with Artists

Scientific understanding can be expanded by art in a variety of ways. Art can illustrate difficult concepts and processes, uncover new ways of thinking about an issue/topic, and inspire non-scientists to examine the beauty of science and research.

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The ART of Connecting

Information doesn’t sell itself. That is the presenter’s job. Success in delivering a scientific presentation can be measured by how well the audience accepts, retains, and takes action on the information presented.

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Social Media Workshop for Scientists

A fun, fast-paced workshop for scientists, science communication practitioners, and researchers that provides actionable tips to improve your social media skills and reach.

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A Guide to Speaking with Humans

You're a scientist. You know things. You'd like to talk to people about those things. But how? Let's explore the world of science communication together and find how and where you can fit in best.

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