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Women in STEM Leadership Program

Diverse voices and backgrounds strengthen scientific research and discovery.

Despite recent progress to increase diversity and inclusion in STEM fields, women and other underrepresented groups still make up a fraction of the STEM workforce in the United States and represent an untapped talent pool. 

Through the Women in STEM Leadership Program, women and other underrepresented groups in STEM will receive the support they seek to excel in their careers, rise to influence and decision-making positions, and foster more diversity, equity and inclusion in their fields. 

When everyone has a seat at the table - or the bench - science and society benefit. 

About the Program  

The Alda Center’s Women in STEM Leadership Program empowers and supports women and other underrepresented populations in science, engineering, math, and other research fields to thrive in their careers, and to contribute as leaders, mentors and role models to others. In this way, together we can make scientific and research-based fields more equitable and inclusive to a diverse population.

Program fellows join a community of like-minded professionals and participate in a series of professional development workshops. Throughout the program, participants expand their skills, develop their personal leadership styles, and create the change they want to see in their organization, their field, and our world.

This program is fully funded with donor support. There is no cost to participants.

The program consists of three distinct parts.

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Two pilot series of the three, 3-hour professional development workshops will be offered this spring to Stony Brook researchers.




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Alix Dehayem
Program Coordinator


The Alda Center gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Ann and Andrew Tisch for this program.