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Dr. George Aumoithe

Assistant Professor
SBS S206

Geeorge Aumoithe

Dr. George Aumoithe is an Assistant Professor of Global Health. He earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 2018 and completed postdoctoral training in legal history at Princeton University in 2020. Dr. Aumoithe's research focuses on the effect of anti-inflationary economic policy and colorblind legal ideology on public hospitals. His research interests engage problems in political economy, social welfare policy, public health, curative medicine, and epidemic preparedness. In 2019, Dr. Aumoithe organized a national conference called Law, Difference, and Healthcare: Making Sense of Structural Racism in Medico-Legal History. He directs the inaugural Global Health and Health Inequality Mapping Lab in Africana Studies. Dr. Aumoithe is currently completing a book manuscript tentatively titled Medical Scarcity: The Political Economy of Healthcare Rights in America. In Fall 2020, he teaches AFS 381 / WST 381 "AIDS, Race, and Gender in the Black Community."

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