Bill Lese

Managing Partner

Braemar Energy Ventures

Bill is a Co-founder and Managing Partner of Braemar Energy Ventures. He is currently active with investments in Utility, Flywheel, Renew Financial, LusBio, General Fusion and Carbon Free Chemical Holdings. His past board activities included EnerNOC “ENOC”, Stion, Verenium “VRNM”, Coaltek, Ciris Energy, Sirrus, EcoMotors, TerraVia (fka Solazyme), Proterro, OPX BIO, Enerkem and he was the Chairman of the Boards of Ioxus and BrightVolt. Bill was an original team member of Sithe Energies, a global leader in independent power development. He then joined NPS Industries as Director of Corporate Development and entered the energy technology investing arena at Mantis Holdings, a venture capital firm focused on environmental and energy efficiency. Bill serves on the Advisory Committee of the NYC Accelerator for a Clean and Renewable Economy (NYC ACRE). He has a BA in Physics and an MS in Applied Energy Science from New York University.

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