Eli S. Leland, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer


Dr. Eli Leland is a co-founder of Voltaiq and serves as the company's Chief Product Officer, guiding the Voltaiq product roadmap as well as the post-sale customer experience. Eli and co founder Dr. Tal Sholklapper started Voltaiq in 2012 in order to address the data analysis workflow challenges they encountered while running two ARPA-E energy storage research projects at the CUNY Energy Institute in New York City. Dr. Leland previously worked at Trilogy Software, where he successfully deployed large-scale enterprise software systems to the Fortune 500. Eli has an MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and a BSE in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.

Voltaiq, the leading software platform for data-driven engineering of batteries and their applications, has deep roots in the U.S. Department of Energy and ARPA-E. Voltaiq was founded in 2012 by Tal Sholklapper and Eli Leland as they sought to address the significant data analysis challenges they encountered while leading two ARPA-E energy storage research projects at the CUNY Energy Institute in New York City. The founders used an early customer proof-of-concept to secure SBIR funding from the Department of Energy and National Science Foundation, enabling them to hire a team and build an enterprise-class software solution.

Today, Voltaiq's Battery Intelligence software platform brings unprecedented data analytics, visualization, and predictive capabilities to any company with a battery-powered business model. Top automakers, consumer electronics, and energy storage companies use Voltaiq to accelerate product development, improve performance, ensure safety and reliability, and secure financing for their products.

Presentation: Voltaiq: Software for Data-Driven Battery Engineering