John Bellacicco

Director, Northeast Operations


John Bellacicco is the Director of Northeast Operations for Stem, Inc., where he is responsible for regional business development and market enabling activities for the global leader in customer-sited intelligent energy storage services. John has more than 10 years of product development, program execution, and business development experience in the renewable energy, cleantech, and utility industries. Prior to Stem, John served as the Director of EPC Systems Development and Advanced Grid Integration for First Solar where he directed R&D for power plant balance of system structures, instrumentation and control systems. John also served as a Program Director for IBM, leading corporate-wide technology and architectural initiatives. He holds a BE from Manhattan College and a MS in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University. John is PMP-certified by the Project Management Institute and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in both New York and Connecticut.

In today’s energy markets, the volume of KWh need is less relevant to utilities and grid operators than the timing and the location of that kWh need. Utilities and grid operators increasingly need fast-dispatch, highly localized solutions on the distribution grid and grid-edge visibility. On the heels of years of R&D and pilots, some customer-sited energy storage platforms are now proving that the future of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled energy solutions is here to serve both onsite customer peak and system peak needs. Given strong investments in customer-sited energy storage planning, a state can reap new economic benefits, customer engagement in state renewable energy and greenhouse gas goals, and grid-facing system peak solutions. This presentation will discuss how AI-driven customer-sited energy storage works in other markets, and how properly designed policies can enable the Empire State to engage customers in novel ways to assist state climate and grid modernization goals.

Presentation: AI-Driven Storage: Engaging Customers in System Peak Solutions

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