Wang Hongguang, Ph.D.

Professor, Deputy Director General, Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED),

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

Professor of China Agricultural University,

Adjunct Professor, TianJing University, and China Pharmaceutical University.

CASTED was renamed on December 28, 2007, directly under the MOST, the predecessor is National Research Center for Science and Technology for Development and it was set up in 1992 the State Council. The function of CASTED is further transform the government functions, and to improve the capability of macro-management and decision making relating science and technology.

Dr. Wang was co-author of 19 books published in China, such as Chinese Biotechnological Economy, The Competitive Ability of Chinese Pharm Industry, Chinese Food Safety, Chinese Agriculture: Issues, Potential, Roads and Strategies, etc. He has published more 100 scientific articles regarding the economy forecast, science and technology foresight, biotechnology and agriculture in China.

His many research achievements has been adopted by Chinese central government, such as, the potential productivity of the service industry in China by 2020 is about 2000 billion Chinses yuan, and the health industry is about 800 billion and sport industry is 150 billion, etc. In the year of 2000, He promoted the idea that biotechnology would initiate the new technology and bio-economy should be the fourth wave of industry revolution, and medicine technology is going to the fourth revolution and agriculture industry is going into the 2nd green revolution.

As Secretary-General, Dr. Wang organized the "The first International Conference of Agricultural Science and Technology", "The first International Conference for Bio-economy", "Health Technology Summit" and other large-scale international conferences.

Dr. Wang had involved extensively in international exchange and collaborations with Maryland University, Minnesota University, Wageningen University of Netherlands, etc,.

Dr. Wang obtained his Ph.D. on Agricultural Economics from Beijing Agriculture University.

Presentation: Energy Policy and Technology in China

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