Tom Sweeney

Strategic Markets Officer

Clean Energy Collective

Tom Sweeney has a wealth of experience developing high-growth companies with ground breaking products and services. As Clean Energy Collective's strategic markets officer, Mr. Sweeney is responsible for CEC's engagement in markets that provide outsized growth opportunities, identifying and capitalizing project opportunities in markets with legislative or regulatory environments that enable community solar and virtual net metering for multiple ratepayers. Additionally, Tom manages CEC's partner relationships up and down the development, equipment and construction stack. Prior to CEC, Mr. Sweeney was the founder, chairman and CEO of Incentra Solutions, a $200 million IT Systems Integrator for mid-tier enterprise clients in the US and Western Europe. Tom also led a series of IT services and software companies in the US, Europe and Asia/Pac. He started his career in the Telecommunications industry and worked as a senior executive at Level 3, Worldcom, MFS, Centex and MCI.