Robert Gough

Attorney and Cultural Ecologist

Bob Gough is an attorney and cultural ecologist, with 40 years experience in tribal resource issues. As founding secretary in 1992 of the Intertribal Council On Utility Policy (COUP), Gough has advocated for indigenous rights and resource relations with interest in building sustainable, efficient and renewable energy-based reservation economies. Gough and COUP President Patrick Spears were the recipients of the Inaugural World Clean Energy Award, Special Award for Courage, from Facktor Four, Basel, Switzerland (2007) for the Tribal Wind, Federal Hydropower plan they developed for harnessing the renewable energy of the northern Great Plains. They also co-chaired and steered the Native Peoples/Native Homelands workshops (1998, 2009). Gough was a contractor for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Wind Powering Native America program (2000-2009), receiving the DOE Wind Energy Program Outstanding Technology Acceptance Award (2004). He was lead author for the national climate assessment's Indigenous Peoples, Lands and Resources chapter (2014).