Mark Kelley

Vice President

Crown Battery Manufacturing Company

Today, Mark Kelley is joining us as the Vice President of Crown Battery Manufacturing Company. Since 1926, Crown manufactures and repairs lead batteries used in starting or motive power deep cycling applications. These markets include, material handling, mining, railroad, golf car, floor care equipment, renewable energy storage and many more. Crown also presents other battery chemistries, including sodium-nickel and lithium-ion and is now manufacturing its new line of AGM products for specific applications and new emerging markets.

Currently, Mark leads the industrial battery products group which represents 60% of Crown's annual revenues of $230 million from its headquarters in Fremont, Ohio. With three wholly- owned subsidiaries and eight factory distribution sales and service centers, Crown employs 556 employees enterprise wide. In his 18 years with Crown, he has held roles in marketing, sales, and new business development. Contrary to what many competing chemistries have claimed, LEAD is not DEAD.