Jonathan Schrag

Senior Director, Clean Energy Idea Bank

Environmental Defense Fund

As EDF's Senior Director, Clean Energy, Jonathan Schrag works across technology, finance, and, regulatory policy. He focuses on how the application of information and communications technology to the power sector demands new regulatory approaches and opens new opportunities for clean energy. Jonathan's current projects include harmonization of gas and electric markets to integrate renewables, governance for distribution system data, and platform-based earnings for electric utilities.

Jonathan's background is in clean energy technology, market design, and regulatory policy. In previous roles he has led research efforts at Columbia University's clean energy technology center, represented distributed energy providers in grid modernization proceedings, developed Connecticut's Micro-Grid Pilot Program and Green Bank as Deputy Commissioner for Energy, and served as the first administrator of RGGI, the first U.S. cap and trade market for power plants. Jonathan received an AB with honors from Harvard University and was a graduate research fellow in industrial history.