John Joshi

Director of Financing Solutions


John Joshi joined NYSERDA on June 2nd as Director of Financing Solutions. In this role John will develop strategies as part of our Clean Energy Fund for mobilizing private capital and market-based financing solutions to support scaled investments in clean energy across sectors and technology areas. This role is important to support the Governor's energy agenda and the strategy for scaling clean energy by engaging private capital financing solutions. John will interact with market financing institutions, both those already participating in providing solutions for clean energy financing and those who are not involved in offering financing products for these purposes or do so at small scale, to develop understanding or opportunities for developing effective solutions to support consumer and organization investment in clean energy projects. In this role John will also focus on technologies where financing solutions have been underutilized or underdeveloped. All of these strategies will be designed to complement and support the projects and initiatives being funded through the NY Green Bank. John has extensive experience in solar and renewable energy capital markets solutions, structured products, hedge funds, & risk management. Most recently as Head of Capital Markets for PLANT. Smart Energy Solutions LLC, he advised the White House policy staff, the Senate Finance staffers and the Secretary of Energy on effective solutions for increased capital for the solar sector, including active participation in the Solar Access Public Capital (SAPC) initiative.